“90% of fires that cause property damage start in the incipient stage.” 

Extinguisher Products

Here at ABC Fire Extinguisher Inc. we offer Badger™ Extinguishers. In addition to the extinguishers, we also ensure that your equipment is compliant to OSHA standards, NFPA, state, local, and any insurance requirements. 

We keep every extinguisher visible, easily accessible, and reachable, being no lower than 3 inches off the ground and no higher than 5 feet maximum.  We offer the necessary support for the extinguishers including the equipment, cabinets, hangers, and glass to avoid any accidents. 

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"Our classic, by-the-book  approach has kept our clients  OSHA compliant for 60 years and gives business owners peace of mind." 

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New business?

What do we need to be OSHA compliant?

We would be happy to set-up an informative walk-through analysis to identify what your company needs to be compliant, whether that be products, services, or both. Please contact us using the link below.

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