Emergency Lights

The primary purpose of emergency lights is to guide staff and customers to safety in the event of a critical situation.

Important Considerations for Your Emergency Lighting Inspection:

  • Different types of lighting require their own approach to testing, and a wrong move can cause power disruptions. Therefore, leave the inspection up to the professionals at ABC.

  • When your emergency lighting is tested by a professional be sure that it’s logged to meet fire safety requirements.

Professional emergency light inspections are beneficial to any business – and is just another service that ABC Fire Extinguisher Inc. can provide as your “ONE STOP SAFETY SHOP.”

Emergency Light Services

  • Monthly Inspections

  • Annual Inspections 

  • Life Safety Codes

  • Replace batteries, bulbs, and units

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Odoo • Image and Text

Three different types of emergency lighting:

  • Escape route: These illuminates escape and exit points in your establishment

  • High-risk task area: This style of lighting points out dangerous materials

  • Open area: This lights up large open spaces, which helps people feel safe enough to evacuate