Commercial Kitchen Systems

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According to the NFPA, the top causes of fire are: Cooking, Heating, Electrical, Smoking, & Candles, all which are very common in Restaurants and Commercial kitchens. The most common risk are flare ups in the hood systems located in the cooking areas. 

It’s crucial, to clean and maintain a hood suppression system to avoid jeopardizing the lives of your staff members, customers, and the property itself. 

  • Most restaurant and commercial kitchen fires begin in cooking areas which flare into the hood system.

  • Fires flaring-up into the hood system can put patrons, employees, and property in jeopardy. 

  • A quality and properly maintained hood fire suppression system along with a properly trained staff greatly reduces the risk of a fire burning out of control.

  • Class K extinguishers are required for commercial kitchens due to the high temperatures and the use of cooking oils.

  • Does your entire kitchen staff know how to handle a fire when one arises?

  • When was the last time your staff was trained on how to put out a kitchen fire?

  • Is the kitchen staff cleaning your hood and changing the oil regularly?

What suppression system do you provide for commercial kitchens?

A: Wet Chemical Range Guard Systems by Badger and Kidde WHDR.

In addition to Badger Range Guard we also provide Kidde WHDR.”

What are the benefits of using a Range Guard by Badger?

  • Lower maintenance cost

  • Rapid fire detection

  • Removal of heat source

  • Immediate fire suppression

  • Total hazard coverage

  • Prevention of reflash

  • Automatic alarm signal

  • Quick easy clean up

  • 24-hour continual fire protection

  • Pre-engineered, custom fit

  • Exceeds UL 300 standards

  • Engineering & manufacturing certified to ISO 9001 standard