ABC Fire Extinguisher Co.'s mobile fleet services the greater Pittsburgh area. Our factory certified technicians arrive in full-service vehicles outfitted with new products and the latest technology in service equipment. Our literal "shop on wheels" can perform maintenance, recharges, repairs and installation of fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems, as well as inspect fire alarms, sprinklers and emergency lighting.


Not having the correct fire extinguisher for a certain type of fire or a unit that doesn't discharge can turn a minor situation into a potential disaster quickly.

ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. supplies Badger™ extinguishers, as well as the necessary supporting equipment, including cabinets, hangers and glass to avoid such accidents. ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. has made sure local businesses have peace of mind by being properly equipped and compliant with OSHA, state, local, and insurance requirements since 1960.


Most restaurant and commercial kitchen fires begin in cooking areas and flare into the hood system. This can put patrons, employees and property in jeopardy. A quality and properly maintained hood fire suppression system along with a properly trained staff greatly reduces the risk of a fire burning out of control.

At ABC Fire Extinguisher Co., we combine years of experience installing, servicing and repairing fire suppression systems with top quality UL listed and UL 3000 compliant equipment, such as the Range Guard system. Whether you are opening a new establishment, or replacing or modifying a system in an existing establishment, entrusting your system with ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. is the best choice to ensure you receive service that maintains manufacturer standards and optimum protections.

ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. also offers hood cleaning services which reduce potential risk of fire, per NFPA 96 standards.


Fire is one of the most devastating events that any business can experience, destroying inventory and future business opportunities, but also draining financially.

Hiring ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. will help maintain fire safety at your establishment. We specialize in fire alarm inspections and 24/7 alarm monitoring to keep your business safe. Our fire alarm services protect your investment and they can help save lives.


Sprinkler systems are one of the basic necessities of fire prevention for any business. Designed to keep customers, staff, and assets safe, generally any business in the area will need a sprinkler system inspected in accordance to state guidelines.


One of the most overlooked safety components for a restaurant or establishment is emergency lights. Although their importance is often underestimated, the truth is that these lights ensure the safety of employees and customers day after day.

The primary purpose of emergency lighting is to guide staff and customers to safety in the event of a critical situation, such as a fire. Professional emergency light inspections are beneficial to any business—and ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. can help with services such as emergency light inspection.


Contaminated water or chemicals in your water system is a nightmare for any establishment—whether you’re running a commercial business or a family restaurant. One way to help prevent contaminated water from entering your water system is with backflow preventer inspection from ABC Fire. Extinguisher Co. This inspection service ensures that your water supply isn’t compromised with dangerous chemicals, keeping your staff and clients safe around the clock..