Recall Issued for 37.8 Million KIDDE Fire Extinguishers: Bring Recalled Products to ABC Fire Extinguisher for Discount

The government issued a massive recall for KIDDE fire extinguishers on November 2, 2017. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the nearly-40 million KIDDE fire extinguishers may not work in an emergency. Furthermore, one death was reported in correspondence to the product malfunction. Four hundred malfunctions resulting in 16 injuries were also reported.

The exact issue with the KIDDE fire extinguisher is that it can become clogged or require excess force to discharge. It may even fail to activate during a fire. The plastic nozzle also detaches, which poses another safety hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendation is to replace the product.

ABC Fire Commercial Fire Grade Extinguishers Saves Lives

The recall reminds us how important it is to invest in quality commercial fire extinguishers for the safety of yourself, employees, and customers. Commercial fire extinguishers from ABC Fire Extinguisher are rechargeable—which eliminates the need to invest in a new one after using.

The choice of your fire extinguisher is a matter of life and death. ABC Fire Extinguisher offers the highest quality commercial fire extinguishers that meet current code requirements. The working components are well-made and tested for safety. If you have a recalled KIDDE fire extinguisher, ABC Fire is offering a discount for returned product.

$10 Discount on Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Those who bring in recalled KIDDE fire extinguishers will receive a $10 discount on ABC Fire Extinguishers commercial fire extinguishers. This will get the faulty product off your hands and replaced with a fire extinguisher that will correctly activate in an emergency.

Not only do our commercial grade fire extinguishers bring peace of mind, but they also save lives.

ABC Fire Extinguisher offers Badger™ fire extinguishers with the necessary supporting equipment, such as cabinets, hangers, and glass. We will also keep you in compliance with ICC, NFPA, and OSHA with annual maintenance, monthly inspection, mobile recharge, and more.

About ABC Fire Extinguisher

ABC Fire Extinguisher has services 8 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania: Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Washington, Westmoreland, Lawrence, Fayette and Armstrong. Our company was established in 1960 and serves as Pittsburgh’s one-stop safety shop for fire extinguishers, training, and first aid.

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