Why Should Pittsburgh Businesses Choose a Range Guard Fire Suppression System?

When you need fast-acting equipment to help control a fire, a range guard fire suppression system is a go-to option for many local Pittsburgh businesses—including restaurants. According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2010 and 2014, there were roughly 7400 commercial kitchen fires reported in the US. These fires collectively equated to three deaths, 110 injuries, and $165 million in property damage.

It’s no secret that business owners have a lot to lose when it comes to fire. So, why is a range guard fire suppression system the best choice for your Pittsburgh business?

Protecting Commercial Kitchens for Over 30 Years

If you’re concerned about protecting your restaurant from fire, don’t take a chance with inexperienced companies. Range guard fire suppression systems have served the Pittsburgh area and surrounding for over 30 years with a high-quality product. They work around the clock to minimize the risk of damage to assets, employee or customer injuries, or even death.

Quick to Detect Fire

A fire can spark in a split second, which doesn’t give you or your kitchen staff a lot of time to react. The good news is that range guard fire suppression system will quickly detect the start of a fire and suppress it by using a superior wet chemical coverage. This will thoroughly cover your assets and help control fire breakouts within a specified range. It’s easy to clean up once appliances have cooled, and it also helps prevent re-flash.

Automatic Appliance Shutoff

The NFPA indicates that 61% of kitchen fires between 2010-2014 were caused by cooking equipment. Range guard fire suppression systems automatically turn off your appliances to help keep fire from spreading.

Easy to Fit in any Kitchen Layout

When it comes to the safety of your staff, you don’t need a fussy suppression system that results in complicated installation. Luckily, ABC Fire offers range guard suppression system with easy installation—getting your fire prevention program up and running as quickly as possible.

Available Right Here in Pittsburgh

The good news is that you don’t have to search all over the globe to find a quality yet affordable fire suppression system for your business. ABC Fire offers Range Guard fire suppression systems to give you peace of mind with fire protection, whether you’re in or out of the kitchen.

If you’re ready to invest in a fire suppression system such as Range Guard, contact ABC Fire Company today for more information.