Where in Pittsburgh Can You Find Electronic Fire Extinguisher Training?

Electronic fire extinguishers are an immensely important product to have on hand at any restaurant or establishment in Pittsburgh, PA. ABC Fire not only specializes in helping businesses find the right fire suppression products, but electronic fire extinguisher training is also available. This will help business owners and employees alike to learn how to properly use products in the event of a fire.

Why Does Your Business Need Fire Extinguisher Training?

While picking up an electronic fire extinguisher and putting it to work seems straightforward, this isn’t always the case. When dealing with the dangers of a fire, every second counts. The right training can turn a potential disaster into a quick scare that’s quickly put to an end.

During your fire extinguisher training, employees will learn about potential hazards fuels may pose if they are not properly handled. They will also learn how to properly use the fire extinguisher and know when to exit the area, leaving the firefighting to the professionals.

What Products and Services Will Help in the Event of a Fire?

In addition to electronic fire extinguisher training, ABC Fire offers a whole world of products for fire suppression. These products can quickly put out fires at the snap of a finger and potentially save lives of employees and customers.

ABC Fire offers fire suppression products such as:

  • Kitchen suppression systems: Years of experience with installing and servicing kitchen suppression systems help us serve our customers when they need it the most. Our Range Guard commercial kitchen fire suppression systems are low maintenance and rapidly detect fire. Their immediate ire suppression triggers removal of the heat source and prevention of re-flash.
  • Emergency lights: These overlooked components can help guide customers and employees to the safest escape route. High-task area lighting helps point out dangerous materials, while open area lighting adds a sense of security in large spaces.
  • Sprinkler systems: A classic fire prevention necessity in nearly every Pittsburgh business. ABC Fire can help plan and inspect your fire sprinkler system and ensure that it adheres to local codes. Being prepared is one of the most important elements of fire safety, and ABC Fire is here to help.

Exploring our products and services can help your restaurant or establishment stay as safe as possible if a fire ignites. It only takes a small spark from an electrical outlet or another source—and it only takes 30 seconds or less for a flame to turn into a full-fledged fire. Contact us today to learn how ABC Fire can help.