Fire Safety: How to Prevent Kitchen Fires in Restaurants and the Home

Kitchen fires are one of the most prevalent sources of home fires, with culprits including unattended cooking equipment, misuse of material, and unintentionally not turning off a heat source. Whether you’re concerned about fire safety for your home or your restaurant, it’s critical to remember a few prevalent fire safety tips—and it can ultimately help save lives of family, colleagues, and friends.

ABC Fire Extinguisher is committed to helping the community members of Ross Township, Reserve Township, Northview Heights, and Millvale learn more about kitchen fire safety, and here are the fire safety tips to install in every home or commercial kitchen:

Regularly Clean Your Exhaust Fans

Both homeowners and restaurant owners should regularly clean their exhaust fans. Exhaust fans can quickly become a fire risk, especially when there is a lot of grease buildup in the vents. Since the job of an exhaust fan is to suck up air into the filter and remove grease.

Furthermore, don’t forget to clean walls and exhaust fans. When the exhaust hood becomes clogged, grease will restrict airflow. Make sure to clean the walls and any work surfaces, ranges, fryers, broilers, and convection ovens.

Remove Ashes from the Oven

If you’re using a wood or charcoal-burning oven, make sure to remove the ashes at least once a day. You can store the ashes outside in a metal container that is 10 feet away from a building or any combustible materials.

Properly Store Flammable Liquids

There is a reason for the warning labels on flammable liquid materials. This is one of the fire safety tips that goes a long way with preventing unnecessary kitchen fires. The best course of action is to keep these liquids in their original containers. If this isn’t an option, store the liquids in a puncture-resistant container that is tightly sealed.

Store the containers in a well-ventilated area away from any heat sources.

Don’t Throw Water on a Grease Fire

If a grease fire breaks out in your home or commercial kitchen, the last thing you want to do is attempt to put it out with water. Water will cause grease to splatter and it may erupt to into an even larger fire.

Be Prepared: Consider Fire Extinguisher Training

A kitchen fire is a scary scenario, but being prepared can help you stay calm and know how to handle the situation. Fire extinguisher training is available from ABC Fire Extinguisher for commercial kitchens, but we’re also here to educate homeowners on the proper use of fire extinguishers.

What Can You Expect from Fire Extinguisher Training?

Fire extinguisher training for Pittsburgh-area businesses is a key component of fire safety. Learning the components of a fire as well as how to remove the heat source can help save lives.

Fire is made from four primary components:

  • Fuel
  • Oxygen
  • Heat
  • Chemical chain reaction

The idea with fire extinguisher training is to remove one of these four components to put out a fire. Different types of fire are separated into specific classes based on fuel source. ABC Fire Extinguisher’s fire extinguisher training for commercial establishments will help you further understand fire classifications, including:

  • Class A: Paper, wood, plastics (ordinary combustibles)
  • Class B: Flammable liquids and gas
  • Class C: Electric
  • Class D: Metal
  • Class K: Cooking oils

It’s best advised to use a fire extinguisher when:

  • The fire extinguisher is within close access to your person. ABC Fire Extinguisher can help with placement of fire extinguishers in your commercial kitchen
  • You or your staff knows how to properly use a fire extinguisher
  • You or your staff are not risking your personal safety
  • The fire is contained to one area. If the fire is rapidly spreading, allow the fire department to handle it
  • There is an easy escape route where you can immediately evacuate

ABC Fire Extinguisher closely adheres to OSHA requirements for fire extinguisher training and education. According to OSHA, employers must provide an educational program to familiarize employees of the use of a fire extinguisher and hazards involved with attempting to fight a fire.

ABC Fire Extinguisher services the cities of Ross Township, Reserve Township, Northview Heights, and Millvale and beyond fire extinguisher training and education. Contact us to learn more about training and education.

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