Fire Extinguisher Training Equipment in Pittsburgh, PA

In a study conducted by the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association, it was found that when caught early enough, 80% of fires can be completely extinguished by correct use of a fire extinguisher. This is why in order to be OSHA compliant, your business must not only possess the appropriate types and number of fire extinguishers, but it is also required that every employee is effectively trained to use the extinguishers correctly.

Typically, this would involve obtaining costly burn permits and securing a controlled environment to conduct the training. Not to mention the cost and time associated with multiple fire extinguisherrecharges and cleanups. But luckily for businesses all throughout the Pittsburgh area, there is an easier way. ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. offers training and Bullex training equipment for the ultimate extinguisher training experience.

How Does it Work?

BullsEye Laser-Driven training system From BullEx utilizes an LED screen and smoke generators to simulate customizable A, B, or C class fires at various levels of difficulty. Trainees must select the correct type of laser-driven infrared or pressurized air and water training extinguisher to fight the “fire. Sensors built into the unit allow the simulated fire to respond with growing or diminishing flames according to the correct use and technique of the extinguisher, just like a real fire.

Why is Bullex Better?

The BullsEye training system is portable, so extinguisher training can be conducted indoors, outdoors, or even right in your office. Since everything is simulated, no burn permits are required and the smoke and extinguisher discharge is safe and non-toxic- — so no clean-up is needed.

The training extinguishers never need a recharge allowing you to train all of your employees on one unit, which saves you time and money. Best of all, the system tracks each employees’ progress based on time and effectiveness, so you can ensure that each trainee masters the techniques required to fight a real fire.

If you would like more information about the BullsEye Laser-Driven Training System and how it can benefit your Pittsburgh area business, contact the fire safety experts at ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. today.