Fire Extinguisher Training for Pittsburgh Business Owners

A fire can spark in a matter of seconds. If your team isn’t prepared, it can be quite costly—and even deadly in extreme circumstances. October 8th through the 14th marks National Fire Prevention Week, and it’s time to call attention to the importance of fire extinguisher training for all types of Pittsburgh-based businesses, from restaurants to offices and retail spaces.

While it seems simple enough to pull a pin and spray a fire extinguisher at the source of a fire, the approach isn’t always so simple. Fire extinguisher training can save lives can help prepare your team for worst-case scenarios.

What is Fire Extinguisher Training?

Small businesses in Pittsburgh take advantage of fire extinguisher training for safety and readiness in the event of a fire. ABC Fire specializes in helping all types of industries learn how to properly use their fire extinguishers, as there is no such thing as being over prepared for a fire.

When your staff is training for a fire, it’s conducted without burn permits or expenses from cleanup or discharged fire extinguishers. ABC Fire offers a classroom type of environment to get your team up-to-date with today’s most important fire safety information.

OSHA Requirements for Fire Safety Training

Under code 1910.157(g)(1), OSHA requires that employers must provide an educational program for employees. This helps employees learn about the hazards involved in putting out a fire and the general principles associated with fire extinguisher equipment. (Link to Fire Extinguisher Training in Pittsburgh, PA)

Not only does OSHA require training, but annual training must be provided as well. ABC Fire can schedule annual training sessions to enhance the safety of your workplace and keep your business OSHA compliant.

Understanding Evacuation Plans and Procedures

Even though putting out fires is part of the safety training provided here at ABC Fire, sometimes the job is best left up to the professionals.

During fire extinguisher training, employees will learn how to recognize when a fire just isn’t worth fighting against.

Furthermore, if there are extinguishers on site that employees are not intended to use, an emergency action and fire prevention plan must be available. A fire evacuation and emergency plan must meet the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.38.

What Will Your Team Learn with Fire Extinguisher Training?

Fire extinguisher training will benefit employees for the rest of their lives. They can use these skills even outside the workplace, but it’s also necessary to keep employees and customers safe while on the job.

When you attend fire extinguisher training with ABC Fire, we’ll use Bullex Systems to provide today’s most advanced training. Bullex is a laser-driven training system that can meet OSHA requirements in any setting. It simulates indoor and outdoor fires, and it also simulates fires at multiple levels of difficulty under classifications A, B, and C.

As the training progresses, you can monitor and track individual and team progress over time. This gives business owners and employees peace of mind knowing that their training is helping them learn a valuable life skill.

Top Tips on Working with Fire Extinguisher Equipment

When it comes to dealing with fire equipment, safety is always the top priority. Education is the best route for ensuring that small businesses in Pittsburgh are prepared when and if a fire ignites in your restaurant, office, or retail space.

  • Fire classification is one of the priority considerations when working with your new fire extinguisher. While fires may all look the same, the reality is that there are differences in terms of what causes them to ignite in the first place.The most common fire extinguishers include A, B, and C classifications. This will cover fire safety needs for fires involving wood, paper, gas, and electrical equipment.
  • Fires aren’t predictable—but different types of simulations for training can help. You can’t predict how or when a fire will start, but learning how to use different types of extinguishers can keep you prepared.
  • A confidence boost works wonders for fire safety. Demonstrating to your team that fire safety training is an attainable goal can help them fear fire a little less.

Be Smart About Your Fire Extinguisher Training: Hire ABC Fire

While Pittsburgh small businesses are required by OSHA to provide educational training for fire safety, relying on ABC Fire will only bring the best results. Our thorough training program keeps your business ready and able to fight the most common types of fire classifications, no matter how quickly they ignite in the workplace.

We’re ready to schedule your business for your fire extinguisher training session. Contact us now to reserve your spot.