Protecting Your Business with Fire Alarm Inspection

fire alarm inspections in pittsburgh, paFire is one of the most devastating events that any business can experience, destroying inventory and future business opportunities, but also draining financially, especially if you do not have a fire alarm system installed.

Hiring ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. will help maintain fire safety at your establishment. We specialize in fire alarm inspections and 24/7 alarm monitoring to keep your business safe. Not only do our alarm services protect your investment, they help save lives.

Alarm system services include:

  • Sensitivity Testing
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Annual Inspection

What Pittsburgh Businesses Need to Know About Fire Alarm Inspections:

If you’re searching for a company to inspect the alarms in your Pittsburgh business, below are a few types of devices we inspect:

Initiating Devices: Initiating an alarm signal when a fire is sensed. This type of fire alarm is constantly aware of its surroundings and always looking out for signs of fire in your establishment. They look for signs such as smoke, heat, flames, or water flow detectors in sprinkler systems. Initiating these alarms allows them to operate even when no one is present in your building.

Manually Activated Fire Alarms: These alarms are tripped with the assistance of a business owner or employee. You’ll find this type of fire alarm in places such as pull station, glass break stations, call points and fire alarm boxes. The unique needs of your business combined with local code requirements will determine how many initiating devices are needed in your establishment.

Notification Devices: Once fire alarms are tripped, a notification appliance will alert anyone within proximity of the sight of a fire. This is signaled by way of lights, sirens, or other loud audio. Another common notification is the flashing light accompanied by a speaker built into the device. These systems may sound off a fire siren or even pre-recorded message. Some fire alarms may even instruct those in the building on what to do after the alarm is triggered.

Business owners need to be aware of local codes and frequently test the devices to ensure top performance. ABC Fire Extinguishers Co. specializes in fire alarm inspection, and we can help provide services such as programming and final test-in-place to ensure functionality.

When you need an alarm system that you can depend on, turn to ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. for your professional fire alarm inspection.