Advantages of Range Guard Fire Suppression Systems vs. Ansul

Kitchen fires are a big concern for any Pittsburgh restaurant or commercial kitchen. Throughout history, fires have been one of the greatest contributors to restaurant losses. They continue to be a serious risk today. At any given moment, there can be multiple open flames in a busy kitchen and any of these flames could potentially turn into a catastrophic kitchen fire. Fires can also begin from faulty electrical equipment or overworked appliances.

An active food service kitchen, that is quickly serving multiple menu options to numerous people, is especially combustive given the fast-paced setting and highly flammable contents commonly utilized within any restaurant and commercial kitchens.

Oils, greases, and fats are highly flammable substances prevalent in any commercial kitchen. The new high efficient oils used today, such as vegetable and peanut oils, were the beginning to what is known as the UL-300 testing standard.

The UL-300 standard made wet chemical fire suppression systems the only fire suppression systems allowed for protecting commercial kitchen and restaurant hoods, exhaust and kitchen appliances. This took place in 1994. For over thirty-seven years, the Range Guard Fire Suppression System has been the first UL Listed wet chemical fire suppression system for commercial kitchens and restaurants alike.

When a fire begins it needs to be swiftly snuffed out. Thankfully, modern fire suppression systems have improved tremendously through the years with the advancement of both testing standards and wet chemical technology. Kitchen fire suppression systems produced by Range Guard are protecting restaurants in Pittsburgh and across the country and globe. In this blog post, we’re going to explain the advantages of Range Guard kitchen fire suppression systems.

1 – Unprecedented Heat Sensing Technology

Range Guard Fire Suppression Systems have both standard and rapid response thermal links, saving crucial seconds from flash over point to complete fire suppression, thus providing an almost instant suppression of any fire detected. This fire protection is continuous and around-the-clock with automatic detection and actuation should a fire take place while the area is unoccupied. 24/7 fire protection like this guards against property damage and keeps personnel and patrons safe at all times. It’s also what’s best for business. Flames can be snuffed out quickly, which minimizes the likelihood of significant fire-related property damage. This means minimal business interruption after a small fire and no significant impact to your bottom line.

2 – Lower Maintenance Cost

This may be the single biggest advantage of Range Guard Fire Suppression Systems. Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems have been designed for maximum protection with minimum maintenance. Owners being diligent when it comes to a monthly inspection save the technician’s time when they come in every 6 months to do a more thorough examination and functional test. During this six-month maintenance, a technician will check all system components, including nozzles, detectors, cylinder and valve assemblies, pull stations, tamper seals, and wall mounts to make sure nothing is damaged, and all operate as they should in the event of a fire.

3 – Superior Wet Chemical Technology

Range Guard Fire Suppression Systems were “The first with the best”. They were the first to test and gain UL Listing for restaurant hoods and appliances using wet chemical as the extinguishing agent. Range Guard’s rapid-fire suppression is due to its superior wet chemical technology first used over 37 years ago. Range Guard Fire Suppression Systems were the first to see how effective wet chemical is in extinguishing cooking media flames due to its outstanding saponification process, which first cools burning fat and grease (a commercial kitchen’s primary flammables) and further smothers the fire with a blanket of foam preventing further the chance of reflashing. Once the scene of the fire is sufficiently cooled, this foam can be easily wiped clean so there’s no mess.

4 – Highly Customizable

Being the first kitchen fire suppression system to utilize the technology of wet chemical, Range Guard Fire Suppression Systems have more experience with suppressing cooking media fires than most. Range Guard Fire Suppression Systems can also be custom designed to accommodate any commercial kitchen’s layout. This kind of customization makes Range Guard Fire Suppression Systems easier and more cost effective to install, update, upgrade, and improve.


Whether you’re opening a new establishment or replacing/modifying the fire suppression system at an existing establishment, you can count on the experienced crew at ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. for guidance and support. For over 57 years, we’ve installed, serviced, and repaired Range Guard systems throughout Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Washington, Westmoreland, Lawrence, and Armstrong counties.

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