Decoding Fire Extinguishers ABC Classes and More

When you need a reliable fire extinguisher for your Pittsburgh business, you’ll quickly notice legends that depict the type of fire that’s best suited for that particular extinguisher. Fire extinguishers ABC are a versatile choice for commercial kitchens and more. They are especially ideal when you need to be ready to put out different types of fire at a moment’s notice. Simply put, fire extinguishers ABC are a notable choice for your business.

What are Fire Extinguishers ABC?

Fire extinguishers ABC are multipurpose extinguishers. They can be used on all three classes of fire, which is useful when you need a fast and effective way to put out a fire in a commercial kitchen or other areas of a business. Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher to put out a fire can lead to very dangerous situations—and an ABC fire extinguisher will help keep your business, employees, and customers as safe as possible.

What are the Different Fire Classifications?

There are at least 5 different classifications of fire. However, classifications A, B, and C are the most common.

Fire Class A relates to ordinary combustibles. This includes items such as wood, cloth, paper, trash, and plastic. For an extinguisher to receive a class A rating, it must be able to put out a fire on a wood crib, wood panel, and shredded paper during testing.

Fire Class B relates to fires occurring in flammable liquids. These liquids include gasoline, oil, and paint. This classification also includes flammable gases such as propane and butane. However, fire class B does not include fires that are started as a result of cooking grease. To receive a class B rating, the extinguisher must repeatedly put out a liquid fire during testing.

Fire Class C relates to energized motor equipment. This includes items such as transformers and appliances. Class C-rated fire extinguishers must meet certain electrical conductivity measurements in accordance with UL711 and UL299.

ABC Fire Specializes in Fire Extinguishers and More

If your Pittsburgh business is searching for reliable fire extinguishers or fire extinguisher training, ABC Fire can help. Our proven products are among the top-rated in the industry. Contact us with help on installing fire prevention products and more.